Wildly wrong usage charts

I’ve just checked the usage charts for both my account and my mom’s and apparently I’ve used £30000 of gas this month and mom has used about the same in electricity! I’m fairly certain this is wrong so could someone pop over and check the usage charts please? I think they’ve gone a tad crazy.

@jujitsuelf - I have passed the issue with your usage graphs on to our tech wizards and will drop you a message when they have fixed it :slight_smile:

Your meter reads and statements are all accurate it is just an issue with the graph.

I am disappointed that the tech guys still haven’t resolved the graph problem yet. Neither has the incorrect Estimated Annual Consumption in My Tariff been corrected (first reported more than two months ago).

Although statements and charging procedures are accurate, and the purpose of these two items is only to provide additional helpful information for customers, the long-standing errors make Bulb look unprofessional (which it’s not).

I think v2 was rolled out before it had been tested properly and before it was ready.

Hi @xxx – point taken regarding the graphs in v2 of my.bulb being off. We’re really sorry it wasn’t polished when we rolled it out.

Regarding your Estimated Annual Consumption, it looks right to me. What I mean by ‘right’ is that these are the consumption figures that the market administrators and governors (Elexon) have for your meters. They use these figures to make sure that the UK gas and electricity markets are ‘balanced’, so it is important that we do not make ad-hoc changes to them.

In other words, we do not actually really control your Estimated Annual Consumption – Elexon do, Does this make sense?

Sorry, I meant Estimated Annual Cost.

If you look in my account you’ll see that it’s wrong and that Gas costs have been omitted. It makes nice reading though - if only it was true.

Thank you @xxx – I will pass this bug to the tech team, too. Something is buggy with estimated gas usage.

I agree this would all make for much better reading if the figures were accurate… :’(

Rest assured that the bills will be accurate – they do not rely on the same hooks as the website does.