Wildy over billed and estimated again

You are recommending a reading every three months. I don’t give you a reading for ONE month and my bill gets massively overestimated. It’s stressful to see an increasing bill going up every month. I have complained to the ombudsman about the lack of response to this problem and nobody has called and I got a measly sorry and 10 quid credit. I can’t get anyone on the phone. I’ve waited weeks to hear back. You really don’t seem to care despite the fact I have also explained recent serious health issues from stress - I do not need this cowboy outlook taking me for more and more each month.

The suggestion for “every three months” notwithstanding, it’s best to submit every month so that you don’t get estimated bills at all. That way there’s nothing to get so worked up over.

Sorry to hear you are being stressed out by your overestimated bills.

To avoid this sort of problem ignore requests from Bulb to submit three monthly meter readings, you will have more accurate bills if you submit monthly meter readings.

You reported the same issue back in October 2019 which seemed to be you not submitting meter readings for a very long times plus you amended your payment scheme. Did not the outcome of the comments by Bulb at the time resolve your problem about excessive bills? Please see: Billing now triple!