Will Bulb be offering more green gas?

I notice that 100% green gas is now available from https://www.greenenergyuk.com/ . Particularly in the light of rising prices for natural gas, will Bulb be increasing from its current level of 10% green gas? If not, I think I’ll be switching away.

Hi @Perdita - thanks for getting in touch. I spoke about this with another member earlier this week, you can read it here: https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/6628/fracking-and-biogas - currently, with the number of members we have, and the amount of green gas available in the UK, we would only be able to supply 20% of our gas from green sources. We’ve purchased a ton of green gas to keep the 10% promise but with the green gas industry as it is we are unlikely to be able to increase our percentage across our member-base, and we’re not looking to create new tariffs to offer 100% green gas for members that want it. It’s a really cool tariff from green energy though, and it is admirable of them to offer it, the highest I’ve seen before this is 12% from Ecotricity. Whatever you choose to do I wish you well. :slight_smile:

Hi @Perdita :

From https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/comment/20349/#Comment_20349 which probably answers your question (basically, Bulb is buying just about as much green gas as they are able to!):

As for the Green gas, we're looking at what we can do. I've spoken with our Gas purchasing team and got a bit more information for you. Last year we bought about 15% of the green gas supply that was available in the UK, and this year it's been closer to 50%. Our overall aim for this is that the market responds to this bottom-up pressure and that more avenues of green gas supply start opening up, but at present our growth is significantly faster than the green gas industry's - as a result, it's unlikely we're going to be able to increase our percentage of green gas in the near future.

What we’ve been working on more this year is increasing the amount of 3 year contracts we sign for gas supply. In the past we’ve done a lot more spot sales and 1 year contracts, but by increasing the amount of 3 year contracts we’re showing these producers that we have a long term commitment to these supply points, which increases confidence that developing more green gas plants is a great investment, while also providing a better shield to any volatility in the gas market. h.

Thanks, both! Will have a think.

Perdita you should think. I don’t care where my energy comes from, I’d burn rainforests if necessary. But Bulb is starting to appeal to us unwashed heathens. They’re trying hard to make sustainable energy available to all at good prices. You’ll never convince a majority by being a minority. Bulb does what it can in a very competitive market, it needs to succeed before others can challenge the Monopoly in the fuel market.

If you can afford their rates just to be more green - go for it, but their rates are really astronomical (at least for my postcode)