Will Bulb be reducing it's tariff soon?

I know that suppliers can be slow to alter tariffs sometimes and that in markets where the rates are increasing this is a blessing. However, the energy prices have been reducing for some time and Bulb is vastly uncompetitive now. There are now many suppliers with good ratings, good feedback, green energy suppliers, fixed and variable tariffs all of which are cheaper than Bulb. If Bulb will be changing it’s tariff shortly, then I may stay. But otherwise I will move now.


Bulb reduced their gas tariff at the start of April. The fact they still aren’t competitive speaks volumes

At the same time they also increased their electric tariff even though there was no valid reason to do so as wholesale prices had been dropping

I wouldn’t count on them changing their prices again given it took them months to effect this price reduction and then they gave with one hand and took away with the other. If another company offers you better value then switch. Especially as prices are at a 3 year low according to MSE

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Think they were “Hoisted by their own petard” re gas. Seems they had entered into a long term fixed price deal, most suppliers go about six weeks ahead, and it came back to bite them on the bum when the market collapsed. Took them months to renegotiate the price, then had to put the leccy up to compensate.
Just my view feel free to correct me if I’m wrong(as I often am)

I loved talking to people about Bulb…made me so happy when I saved them £400 to £600 but for far too long even the big 6 have better offers than Bulb. That makes Bulb about as much use as chocolate fire guard. I made a lot of money through referrals so I’m very reluctant to leave but there recent price change did next to nothing to change the situation…Bulb you’re too expensive!

I am housebound and my routine daily is methodical and not changed in 4 years. I have a carer who comes and does the same routine everyday regarding my care and my routine remains constantly the same. Recently my electric bill has risen tremendously by around £20 per month. I spoke to bulb and they fobbed me off saying it was to do with covid virus which is ridiculous as everything and my care still remain the same. I do not leave my flat. They say it’s impossible the meter has a fault. When they changed initially the meter from prepayment to a credit meter there was inially an error of £492 debt which was proven to be there error.
Please does anyone know a cheaper and good supplier to switch to.

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Best you simply check one of the many comparison sites.

Has your metered usage actually gone up? As in, when you give you meter readings to Bulb from one month to the next, is each month now higher than it used to be? Is it your monthly payment by direct debit that has increased by £20, or the actual billed amount that appears on your statements? There are several factors to consider before anyone can recommend anything.

bill amount on statements and sometyimes more usage but i have severe ocd and everything is done methodical to a routine by myself and carer who pops in to do my meds. same time everyday. I sleep at same time as I have [pain killers and sleeping tabs that knock me out. I live on my own and do not have visitors due to fear and trust issues from an attack. i cant have people in my home as it is my safe haven. I had an error with meter when they first installed it over a yr ago. they tried to charge me a £492 debt which bulb discovered was there mistake and an error on the metre. I still have all the evidence in a folder.

Nothing has changed routine appliances habit.

Didn’t hear anything from Bulb and in the interim I found a fixed price deal with lower standing charges for both gas and electric, as well as lower p/kwh for both and even though it was a fixed price deal, it has no penalty for leaving early. No reason whatsoever not to take it. For anyone interested it was with AVRO Energy and Which seem to rate them reasonably highly as well.

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