Will bulb change my meter

I have moved over to bulb on friday and i have woken up to no gas… i have had an engineer out to be told that my meter needs to be changed as i was previously on prepay meter. Will bulb change my meter for me as my electric is already on the correct meter. I am now stuck till tuesday with no gas and 2 children under 5 :frowning:

According to the Pre-pay beta thread at https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/4133/help-us-build-bulb-prepay you should be able to use your existing pre-pay key for the interim until you receive a new Bulb key (I am assuming you are on the pre-pay tariff).

From https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/comment/14337/#Comment_14337 :

We cannot currently exchange prepay to credit meters. You can switch to Bulb and have our prepay tariff, however if you’d like to change to a credit meter then you’d need to request that the existing supplier change this for you.

Unfortunatly i was given the prepay tariff x i have been charged a monthly fee.

I was hoping to get it changed as ideally needed my gas on credit meter as its not in my property and with 2 young children i wanted to avoid ever running out

@Zaralou Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the prepay meter and we’re sorry to hear you’re out of gas. If it was a smart prepay gas meter, Ovo should have switched it to credit mode on the day you swapped over to us.

For the time being, for smart prepay meters you can go to your nearest Paypoint store (https://www.paypoint.com/en-gb/consumers/store-locator), top up and load this credit onto the meter. This can be done using a VEND code. This is a 20 digit code on the receipt you will receive when you top up. This can be inputted manually into a smart meter.

If you have a normal prepay meter, you can use the existing key you have to top up.

On weekends and bank holidays, the prepay meters have friendly credit that will kick in to prevent the gas from going off supply.

As RichyB said above, Bulb are currently unable to change prepay meters to credit meters. In this instance, we would have to return the meter back to Ovo so they can exchange it to a credit meter and we will refund any money you paid for the gas. One of our team will investigate this issue and send you an update tomorrow, for now you will be able to top up with the methods above.

I have managed to put emergancy on atm. I was wondering as i pay monthly for both gas and electric would i get a refund and then just have my electric supply kept on credit and my gas supply on prepaid meter with yourselves. If someone could contact me tomorrow by email or telephone to discuss the situation that would be brilliant as i am happy with my monthly rates and dont wanr to have to change supplier again. For now i have my gas on emergancy and if not heard anything tomorrow i will call when back open tuesday to discuss my options. Thankyou for all your replies its been a great help as i was in tears and unsure what to do as needed to bath my children. Thanks again