Will fixed priced tariff be offered in future?

I have been with bulb for a few months. Switch process was easy and customer service has been v good. Unfortunately due to wholesale energy prices they have put the price up a few months ago and recently advertised 60 days notice of another price rise in November. Not sure I will stay with them after November unless they consider offering fixed price rate which at present they don’t do. Are there any plans to offer fixed priced tariffs in future to help protect customers?

@Jabba I hope not!
Bulb’s single variable tariff keeps admin costs low, and allows them to follow the market closely, whether it’s going up or down.
Since their inception in 2015, they have had more price reductions than increases, and when wholesale costs fall, Bulb customers will be the first to benefit. Those on fixed tariffs will either have to stay in for the term, or pay exit fees.
There seems to be a general air of short term panic on the forum these last few days, but I’m looking at the bigger picture, and staying put.

Hi @Jabba - We appreciate that some people would feel more comfortable with a fixed term tariff, but we don’t want to muddy the waters by having different tariff types. We think it’s right that every single Bulb member is on the best possible deal they can be on with us, and we’d lose that trust if some people were on fixed tariffs, as we couldn’t lower their prices when the wholesale price goes down.

We know that variable isn’t for everyone though, so if you’d prefer that extra peace of mind that fixed tariffs may give then we won’t have any hard feelings :slight_smile: