Will me and my friend still get our £100 joining credit if my application can't be processed today?

I just tried to join Bulb but your system can’t seem to find my address on the national database, will we still be eligible for the credits if it takes a few days to sort out? Not meaning to be a stereotypical Scot but it was a consideration in my choice of green supplier… :slight_smile:



@Tomlivesinleith yes, since you’ve tried to sign up within the period you would still be eligible for the £100 credit. if this doesn’t get added automatically, send an email to help@bulb.co.uk and we’ll get it added :slight_smile:

Hi, I have initiated the switching process from SP and have noted a number of references to a joining credit and referrals for others to join. Although I am only just joining, can i get a referral bonus if I introduce a friend who is also disillusioned with SP? Thanks

@charlie31, moving from SP is definitely the correct decision!

If you were referred by someone both yourself and the referree will get £50. There is no joining credit unless you are referred.

As you are a Bulb member (even though your switch hasn’t completed), you can now refer people yourself by sending them your personalised link from the MyBulb referral page here.