Will my electric run out on a Sunday?

Hi,just wondering if eletric will run out on sundays?

Pre pay I presume?
Your electric will run out when the credit runs out. No matter what time of day or what day of the week. You can monitor your credit and if its lower than your needs for the day you can go and top it up.

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Hi @conniemcculloch16,

Pre-pay meters don’t take into account the day of the week. However, if you run out of emergency credit between the hours of 8pm-8am, most electricity meters will supply ‘friendly credit’ automatically. This is to make sure that your supply stays on overnight, and gives you time to top-up in the morning.

It is worth noting that not all meters offer this, you can find out more and if your meter offers this here: Link

James W :slight_smile:

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