Will prices come down again?

Apparently bulb will soon be charging me 18.something p/kwh, this is a huge increase and miles from what it was when I signed up, I checked on comparison sites and there are other 100% renewable companies that only charge 15.something p/kwh.

It might not result in much to anyone that doesnt use a lot of electricity but I have started using equipment recently which now means I will be using at least 1000kwh a month, this will result in my electricity bill being at least £30 extra a month so £360 extra for the year.

They say that they had to because wholesale prices have gone up, but if that is the case why are there renewable companies offering much better prices for 1 year fixed rate?

Bulb have been good to me and if this price increase is for a short time only and it might come back down again soon then I’m happy to stay, but if it is long term I need to move on.

Are there any reps here that know?

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