Will said....

… I should say something in the community. So here I am…!

hello @pinkcalculator, thank you for being our very first community member

No problem I love to mess about with other peoples toys :wink:
I see you are still online too :slight_smile: its a tad quiet here right now

Hello @pinkcalculator too!

Hi @Amit B)

Mornin’ all.

afternoon actually

Pretty much time for tea!

Ah yes you and tea ! I prefer a soya latte myself and it need to be hot or I complain

Delicious! I’ve only had one cup today, I’m obviously losing my touch. I’ve never been much of a latte man, but maybe I just haven’t given them a chance.

You need a frother ( another gadget to add to the growing number in the cupboard ,like the bread maker and spirilizer !!) soya milk makes lovely froth

A spiralizer… is that something that just makes spirals?

yes its gadget to make vegetables look all fancy, something i haven’t actually got so if you want ideas for prizes for points theres one for me :stuck_out_tongue: