why is the switch site saying I could save £376 a year if I switched to bulb when I am on bulb
an I missing something

not happy if I am losing out on money and why was I promised that you could read my smart meter by the end of last year and you have already fob me off till later this year

Are you on a level playing field ie is the site using estimates based on a particular sized building V actual kWh usage.

I have posted my actual values

and what about my smart meter when can you read it

hello are you there ?

hello are you there ?

Yes, Bulb customers are here on this Forum…


Are you there? :wink:

Hi @williamrae, we only have one single rate tariff at Bulb so you will always be on the best rate that we can offer.

We’ve recently launched our smart tariff trial, which gives us the opportunity to read approximately one-third of existing SMETS1 smart meters.

If you’re keen to get the next generation of SMETS2 smart meters, then let me know and I will add you to the waiting list. We’ve just started installing the first few meters and we will be contacting everyone about smart meters throughout 2019 and 2020