Winter buffer

Hi Bulb,

Just a quick question about direct debit amounts and credit balance. We have been with you since October last year, but moved house at the end of February, so haven’t yet had a full winter in our current property (which is a fair bit larger than our old one). We have built up a fairly big credit amount (approx £300), however I recognise that some of this will act as a buffer for increased usage over winter. How frequently do you review the direct debit amount we are paying to ensure we aren’t over-paying too much? And at what point would you consider refunding some of the credit we have built up?

Many thanks,

Hi @naomisent we’re building some ‘payment adequacy’ tools but right now we review payments/usage on an ad hoc basis.

I refunded you £90.73 just now.

You can also adjust your payments at in the payment details section. I might suggest you adjust them £5/month lower, but it’s your choice.