Winter payment help please

My official join date with Bulb is 7th July, but I only recently found out that to get the winter payment you have to have joined by the 5th July. Does this mean I can’t get it this year? I was not aware of this and wasn’t told by the previous supplier

Does this mean I can’t get it this year?
If you are “core group” it will be paid automatically by your previous supplier
I you are broader group you will be able to apply when applications open shortly
The Warm Home Discount

I’m in the broader group but it says you can apply if you joined bulb on or before 5th July, but my official date that it switched over was the 7th

The 5th of July is for the “CORE” group the broader group is first come first served basis, so get application in as soon as possible when it opens

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Oh yes sorry I have been misreading it thank you for explaining it to me :blush:

Hi @missyasminrobertson :wave:

Just popping in to confirm that @skippy64 is correct - you can register interest in the Warm Home Discount here ( so that you receive notification when Broader Group applications open. :slight_smile: