Winter storm updates: Ask your questions here!

Since last week’s storm, we’ve been getting a lot of good questions from our members. Here are three we wanted to highlight:

Will Bulb be raising my rates because of the storm?

No. At Bulb, we pre-purchase your energy a month in advance, so we bought your energy for March before the storm hit. You’ll see in your Bulb account that your rate for March is slightly higher than your February one. This is because the cost of energy typically increases in March.

Am I going to get a big bill for February?

You only pay for the energy you use, and your bill will reflect this. As always, your rate does not change during the month. If your February bill is higher than normal, it would reflect an increase in your energy usage.

Can I depend on Bulb?

Absolutely. While there are some companies that take a riskier approach to how they buy energy, Bulb pre-purchases energy in advance so you’re protected from extreme price increases. We’ll continue to provide best-in-class support to our members and help in any way we can.

Please ask any other questions you have below. We’d be happy to help.

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