Winter Warm Home Discount

Why is it taking Bulb so long to get the winter warmth payments registration so long to get up and running

The scheme has been opened since the 12th October, 10 days later Bulb has still not got its act together

You have had a year to get things sorted so what is the delay

Hey @Kermiutde, welcome to Bulb Community! We hope you enjoy using this forum :grin:

Our Warm Home Discount applications open really soon and we’re asking all members who have an interest to register using this link:

Once the applications are open, we’ll pop you an email to let you know! Warm Home discount schemes run from September to March each year and each supplier opens their applications at different times. We’ll have ours open really soon!

Hey @Kermiutde, just a heads up that our applications are now opening on 27th October! Ensure you’ve registered your interest using the link above :slight_smile: