Withdrawal of credit in account

Hi there
My accounts in credit and have emailed help@bulb for a withdrawal but had no response? Can someone get intouch woth me in regards to this please?

Until they respond reduce your dd to £5. Can I assume you have followed the process required before requesting a refund?

Yes I have done everything I needed to do & even spoke to someone through chat to make sure I had done everything correct, another payment is pending also which makes it even more in credit

Forget email and chat…they are very poor at responding to these. Just ring em up. It’s not difficult!!!

I used this just for advice and because I saw people got a response, as you can imagine having 3 young children and having conversations on phones can be challenging at times but thank you for your reply

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As suggested by Allanr, have your reduced you DD to the minimum allowed amount of £5? This will soon use up the credit you have. Keep an eye on your monthly statements and submit monthly meter readings.