Woo hoo! I have a smart meter In Home Display... that doesn't work.

I had a smart meter installed last week and the In Home Display has never worked, just shows some random details for June!

I have followed the steps several times offered in the dashboard and it has had no effect.

Also the displays rechargeable batteries go flat with in an hour of having been charged for 24 hours or more. Seems to be defeating the object of the exercise.

How do I report these issues?


Mine was installed on 5th Aug, and has always displayed random details from the same day in May. Interestingly, it appears they’ve taken a smart meter reading on 21st Aug, so maybe they can see something I can’t?!

I’ve followed the instructions and contacted Bulb previously, to no avail.
Now hanging on to speak with someone again…(approx 20 min wait apparently)

Totally pointless if it doesn’t work!

Mine was fitted on 13th march 2019, and had NEVER worked…BULB have no idea and precious little interest in fixing the issue

Not really sure if your boasting or complaining :face_with_raised_eyebrow: