Wood pellet burning?

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I’ve seen a few articles around recently about power stations burning wood pellets as it counts as ‘renewable’ biomass energy (the Drax plant receiving much negative press). However, it sounds like this potentially has disastrous consequences, including higher CO2 emissions than coal, supply chain inefficiencies because much is shipped in from the USA and allegedly contributes to illegal logging, or diverting quality timber that could be used for building or other products to simply be burnt.

What is your position on the practice? Do any of your biomass burners use wood pellets?


Hi @timcroydon

We don’t buy any electricity from wood burning sources, including Drax. And nor do we plan to. Most of our energy comes from hydro, and we top it up with solar and wind power when we need a bit more. We don’t do it for precisely the reason you’ve brought up. There’s a lot of concern around how sustainable wood pellet burning is and how green it is, considering the largest source of it is shipped over from the USA.

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Many thanks, suspected/hoped that would be the case. Just couldn’t find any explicit mention anywhere.

Thanks for the speedy response and the service you offer - been great so far :slight_smile:

@timcroydon No worries, any time :slight_smile: