Working out electricity charge

Can someone please explain how I convert/work out my electricity charges please.

I have used 1090 units since 27th July - and need to know who much this is costing me in money. Appreciate your help.

Electricity meters record kWh directly, so 1090 units equals 1090 kWh.
Click on ‘Our Tariff’ at the bottom of this page, scroll down, and enter your postcode. This will give the unit charge per kWh, and the daily standing charge.

1090 times the unit charge per kwh then add the standing charge per day then add 5% vat

Ah yes, thanks @emmapearson , I forgot the dreaded VAT. :#

Ah yes, thanks @emmapearson , I forgot the dreaded VAT. :#

But, the tariff charges on “Our Tariff” page include VAT so you hadn’t forgot about the dreaded VAT… =)