Hello people. This is my first question for you all. There is a lot of talk about small energy suppliers going broke. I have dementia and i find Bulb brilliant as you have full control of your accounts, I submit my meter reading and within a short time you have an up to date amount you owe or are in credit. None of my other energy suppliers I have used do this and as a dementia suffer you need to have this brilliant method of keeping my budget on track.
Keep up the good work and long may you do so.

I would echo all those sentiments @ryedaledigger .
A recent thread discussed the demise of some smaller suppliers, and these are the reassuring words of @“Eleanor at Bulb”.

Hi @ryedaledigger

I’m very pleased to hear that you find the Bulb account useful. Thank you for sharing with everyone!

Just to reiterate what @198kHz has said, please don’t worry, we’ll be around for many years to come :slight_smile:

If you do ever need some reassurance, I’ll be here to answer your questions on Community. Feel free to drop me a message or ask our fabulous Community members for help.

Thank you Eleanor I feel reassured by your reply.