Would like to join Bulb

Hi, ive recently moved into a property on the 21st Feb 2022. Its a rented 2 bedroom flat, and I live by myself. The previous tennants energy supplier was Bulb so i thought I would join as well. I spoke to somebody on the phone and they talked me through signing up and all I needed to do was send my tennancy agreement, and meter readings when I moved in. Ive still not heard anything, also when ive tried to sign up to Bulb online its quoting me £176 a month for electric. I know prices are going up, and i have no problem paying more, but surely £176 a month is abit high for someone living on their own, Im also at work all day and only use electric in the evenings and weekends. Sorry for long winded messege, Ive tried to ring a few times with no luck and i really need to get my electric sorted, cheers for any help.
Rob Moore

Ask to pay on receipt of Bulb’s monthly statement. That way, you’ll only pay for what you use rather than a “fixed” DD amount that you say is too high.

Hey @robmore1977 Welcome to Bulb :wave:

We can see your account is now setup but there is some confusion over what to pay. I will review the usage and get back to you via email on the next steps.

–Carl :bulb:

Isnt it more expensive this way? I’ve heard most energy suppliers give direct debit customers a slight discount?

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Bulb doesn’t give a discount for paying by DD.