Would O2 boostbox help the smart meter?

I am in a flat in London, as far as understand the smart meter runs on the O2 network. The meter is in a bit odd spot without coverage, whereas the meter right next to it, does have connectivity.

I wonder, if I get O2 boostbox, would it boost the O2 signal to provide smart meter readings?

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Doubt it, the boostbox only allows numbers you authorize to connect, and I doubt you would be able to get the number associated with the smart meter. Assuming the smart meter even has a phone number associated with it

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Hi @xnox the smart network is it’s own purpose built entity for the second generation smart meters that Bulb installed.

I can see that your meter wasn’t connected to the smart network on the day of the installation, potentially due to the signalling blackspot that you’ve mentioned. We’re working to remotely connect these meters to the smart network.