Would you like to build an Edible Playground? Volunteer with Team Bulb

Would you like to help us build Edible Playgrounds in inner-city schools around the UK? We run a volunteering programme and would love our members to get involved.

For every switch to Bulb, we donate £2 to Trees for Cities, a charity building vibrant, outdoor spaces in inner-city schools which teach children about growing and eating healthy food. Thanks to Bulb members, we’re the largest funder for the project - hurray! But we like to give a little more than cash. Every couple of Saturdays, some of #TeamBulb head to a school to help build a playground - we’d love you to come with us.

The next volunteering opportunity is:

  • Sat 14th April
  • 10am-3pm
  • In a primary school near Vauxhall, London

You can bring pals, partners or pets. It’s a lot of fun on the day, great exercise and you’ll be helping kids to get to know their greens.

Comment here if you’re interested and we’ll tell you more.

I’ve included more detail below for those who’ve got questions. Any more, you know what to do! And we’ll keep you up to date on volunteering opportunities. We’ll be building all across the country, so keep an eye out for a school near you.

Further info:

Who are Trees for Cities?
They’re a charity founded in 1993, with the mission of making cities greener. They started by planting trees in urban areas and now run a variety of community projects to green up city spaces.

What is an Edible Playground?
EPs transform areas of inner-city school grounds into vibrant outdoor spaces, which teach children about growing and eating healthy food. You can learn more about Trees for Cities and EPs on their youtube channel

Why do we support the programme?
There are so many benefits to having an EP in a school. They help establish a pattern for healthy eating which will stay with pupils throughout their lives. This is especially important for inner-city kids who can be disconnected from nature. And they help the future generation to love our planet. We fight for what we love, so raising a generation of kids connected to nature is an important part of protecting the future of the planet. Learn more in our blog post about Bulb hero Jenny Hindson, who runs the project.

What’s the day like?
See our short vid of the Bulb team building an EP. You don’t need any previous experience to go along.

I’d love to help out if they’re doing anything further north (Yorkshire). London’s a bit far for me to travel for a bit of volunteering.

@mowcius - We’ll definitely keep you up to date on future builds. We’ll be heading North at some point - we hope the next might be Liverpool way. Watch this space…