Wrong Address on the bill and overcharging

I have been with bulb for a long time. I live in a 2 bedroom house with my autism as a single mother. I have never in my life either with bulb or previous provider to get a bill for £467.63 for usage of one month.

Bulb has the most difficult customer service. Really disappointed. Try to resolve the issue still don’t want to help. Now they have raised the bill to pay by direct debit to £326.33. I dont work and in full time education. How do you expect me to pay.

In addition my statement is showing a different address that I have never resided. Surely this is breach of GDPR.

Bulb has no regards at for vulnerable customers. Can’t even speak to anyone.


A GDPR breach occurs when information that enables a living individual to be identified, is disclosed to a third party without that individual’s knowledge. If it’s only an address they’re showing, it’s not a breach.

Hey @aban4803

Thanks for your post. We are sorry to hear about your large bill.

The reason behind this was due to the fact you gave us a gas reading which showed over 700m3 of gas in one month, this could indicate you had read the meter wrong or you had a very high usage gas month.

I cannot discuss your account in much detail here but I will email you directly to explain this further.

—Carl :bulb:

I look forward to receive your email and how we can rectify this issue