Wrong address


Please see attached to this email a welcome pack that has an inccorect address for my property. I phoned at 3 ish yesterday to cancel this set up as the person from bulb that I had talked to earlier had said ( quite rightly) that my property didnt appear in the energy register. Please can you confirm that the set up for tanner brow has been cancled, and I will be in contact when I recieve the meter serial number to correctly set this up.

Hi @Anyak1 ,

I think I’ve tried to help you earlier in another thread, but it’s best to contact Bulb directly via email or phone (see https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001240291-How-can-I-get-in-touch-with-Bulb- ) as we community members aren’t able to help with account specific stuff like this and forum threads can be missed when Bulb staff check in on us every so often :wink: