Wrong bills

Hi Bulb, I have switched to gas central heating with a different provider in jan 18 and removed my storage heaters so my electric bills with you gave shot right down. My last bill was £33 after you estimated me a high bill of over £100. A brilliantl agent reissued my the correct bill the same day I mentioned the error but it’s happened again. You ignore my readings and issue an estimate bill. I wonder how long it will take to pay attention to my true readings. I spoke to an advisor today who promised to reissue my bill by the end of the day. I chased her an hour before the close of business but she still didn’t send it. I am left worrying about it. I was so happy when I joined you but now I seem to have to complain a lot. I’m not happy. Failed promised and no reassurances. Please help. My bill should only be about £30.

Hi @lucy628, sorry for the delay in getting back to you and that your corrected bill took longer than promised to reach you. I’ve just replied via email about this and hopefully that should address some of your concerns. I can see my colleague Josie has issued a new bill and manually changed your estimated electricity consumption to account for the removal of the storage heaters. This should solve the problem moving forward. Please also rest assured that we would never change your payment amount based on an estimated bill and without agreeing it with you first. Do get in touch if you have any more questions. Tallulah