Wrong estimated gas reading


Today I received and email stating that my account is £60 in debit. After having a look on my readings I found that the June estimated readings are completely wrong.

I moved in on 11th of June, on the same day I sent you both electricity and gas readings. Unfortunately I do not have those readings anymore. On my account it only appears an estimated gas reading with the value of 5 for the date of 15/06. A month later, on 11th of July I submitted the new gas readings (which do appear on my account as “customer readings” with the value of 252. From this it can be clear that the initial estimated gas reading is wrong and it does not make sense that I ought to pay an additional £60 for this.

Furthermore, since moving in, I did not even switch the heating on in my 1 bedroom flat considering the high temperatures we’ve experienced.

Could someone please help me clarify this situation?

As a sub note, I have a smart meter, should you not receive the readings from it automatically?

Thank you for your help

You will most likely have to submit manual readings until they roll out the newer smart meters this year, the problem with the older smarts are that they cannot be used when you switch suppliers.
You wont pay more as your DD will be fixed,Bulb should have your initial readings and be able to adjust if necessary. Make sure you submit readings when you receive their monthly email reminder, that ensures actual readings are used.

Hey @GeorgeScr I can see you submitted to us 238 m3 for the transfer. We passed this out for your switch but it was too far away from what was expected so was replaced by the old and the new supplier with the value of 5 m3.

This is clearly in error, as your more recent reading indicates. As such we’ve sent the dispute across to the previous provider to get this changed for you. When they reply with their acceptance you’ll see your reading update to the correct one. We’ll re-bill at that stage which will reflect just the true usage.

@scudo @“Euan at Bulb” thank you both for your replies and clarifications, I’m glad there is a solution to this. Have a great week!