Wrong meter reading and was told not able to change anymore

I switched to So energy in Oct. Unfortunately, so energy gave the wrong reading which I provided with photo. I contacted bulb customer service and was told i am not longer to change it anymore. Why bulb not able to change for me? Should I go citizen advisor? It’s not fair that Bulb ignores my real reading and charged me more than £100 bill which I didn’t use.

Hey @suichichuang,

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That doesn’t sound right, we can raise a dispute if the reading is different by more than:
250 kWh for electricity
100 m3 for gas

This is due to industry regulation.

After looking into your account, I see that your dispute has already been accepted and so the supplier change readings + final bill have already been corrected. We’ve already issued your refund as well.

Hope this all helps, if you do have further questions, could you get in touch with us via live chat? As we want to refrain from discussing your details on here for GDPR.

Thank you so much to get back to me. I sent to So energy with photo was 62889, but Bulb final bill charge me 63732. I will contact So energy again and please raise the case for me too. It sounds awful while your company told it can’t be changed anymore. I hope this is not going to Citizen advisor. But I defiantly fight for the end.