Wrong meter reading - ooops!!

I accidentally submitted the gas meter reading in the electricity meter reading. I have tried to submit the correct one but it will not allow me to change itl

Hi Linda, not to worry, I can get that fixed for you. I’ve removed your electricity reading, so you can put a new one in. You have until the 6th to get your opening reading in, so plenty of time.

All the best,

Hi, I did a similar mistake, accidentally swapped the day and night readings. Can you plz help?


Hi I was about to submit latest readings and noticed I had incorrectly submitted wrong electricity reading previously .
Can you assist please.

@ShahidR I’m glad my colleague @“Ella at Bulb” was able to help you here.

@tillydog1 I see that my colleague Frank has emailed you asking for the specific reading you want us to use instead of the one you submitted. I’ll leave this in his and your capable hands.