Wrong meter reads

I hope I’m doing this correctly. I’ve just discovered that, having been with bulb for a few months, that I have been submitting my reads back to front. I have economy 7 and 2 rates, night and day. So I’ve checked my account casually and realised my usage has suddenly increased dramatically in the last 2 months, and that you are suggesting I raise my payment by almost another £20. This is part of the problem I had with npower that caused me to leave them, because they could never decide or tell me how to correctly input my reads. Realising something is wrong, I see you have a definitive guide and it’s there that I have learned that my reads are back to front. Can you recalculate my usage based on the reads, but back to front (night for day and day for night) reverse and resubmit each usage to correct my bills please? Technically I have “overpaid” for the last couple months. I will submit a new reading tomorrow, but correctly. I’m surprised that the website doesnt alert the user to readings that are opposite/too high, but more surprised it doesnt get checked on the other end? This is a problem I had with npower, they would regularly tell me I was doing it the wrong way around, and I find it very confusing as someone with Aspergers (Autism Spectrum Disorder) but your guide has helped me to realise the error.

Hi @Leoniewag

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The easiest way to determine which read is which is to take a photo of both, wait 30 mins in day time hours and then take another read and see which one has increased.

Once you have done this you can email in the photos to help@bulb.co.uk explaining that this is a space test for your date and night reads.

We would need photographic evidence as we also have to change this with your previous supplier - as all meter reads have to align in the energy industry.

Please send those photos in and then we can dispute them with your old supplier - your bill would change with both us and them.