Wrong opening reading

I gave my opening gas reading from my eon smart meter monitor about a week ago and now that I’m fully switched thought I’d give more readings, thats when I realised bulb want it in m3 not kwh, kwh is what my meter reads in. I’ve managed to get the m3 reading direct from the meter which is 717 m3, the opening reading I gave bulb was 8000 kwh. I’m sure I’ll not be the only one to have done this, guess I’ll phone them tomorrow to see if it can be sorted easy?

Hi Rob

Ringing them is the quickest way of getting it sorted.

Just in case you have to search for Bulb’s tel number, it is 0300 30 30 635

All the best

Open 9-6pm Mon - Friday

Thanks Ian, I’m just a bit worried that its going to complicate things with eon’s final bill. Thanks again for the number, I’ll call them first thing tomorrow

Hi again Rob

I’ve just changed to Bulb recently and the readings I gave were in kwh so maybe the readings were correct…I’m sure that Bulb will be able to sort it out and bearing in mind it can take up to 6 weeks for your old supplier to send you their final Bill, it is highly unlikely they have sent it yet, and even if they have, Bulb should resend your readings for them to be implemented instead.

You’ll know more when you ring and speak to Bulb

All the very best, Rob :slight_smile:

P.s Don t worry about it at all, as only a small hiccup at best.

Update - Spoke to Jack at bulb this morning who was incredibly helpful, its not a problem and hes on with sorting it out and has emailed me to confirm. So glad I found bulb, its been an excellent experience so far, even calling them is easy! ‘Thanks for calling bulb, connecting you to one of of our team now’ or words to that effect. None of this ‘press 3 for this’ ‘press 8 for that’ etc etc! Excellent, really pleased :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, looks like it’s all sorted than :slight_smile: if you have any more trouble please do get in touch