Wrong persons name on bill

Hi I have been receiving letters from you to my address, The name on the letter is some Italian name who I have never heard of and who has never lived at my address, I used to get my energy off toto energy and they went bust, then I thought edf had took over my supply but I have recently found out they aren’t. I think it might be bulb who’s supplying my energy now. I have had a letter off a debt collection agency requesting payment of £700+ in payment. I know I owe this money to whoever supplies my energy. I have never received any letter or email off bulb saying you will be supplying me with energy and never been asked for my bank details so I could set up a direct debit. Please advise on what I have to do next and how I can start to pay the debt off thanks Ryan heyes

should tell you who your supplier is

Hi @Rieejack

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There is a Bulb account under your email address and the property signed up there has been with us since 08 May 2019 before this it was with EON.

I am going to send you an email to get some more details so we can double check that this is linked to your address.