Wrong reading submitted

Hi all,
I went to read the meters this morning and realised the last meter reading I submitted was out by 10 units, so the curent reading is less than the previous. Is it possible to change that reading to make it correct? Usage over the summer is going to look really odd otherwise…

@anthony7996 was it your first gas read that was out? If so it’s already been accepted by your old supplier and the difference is too small for us to get it changed. Would it be ok to keep the read as is?

You can keep entering the same read as your opening read until it goes above the opening read you entered.

Hi Andy,
Don’t think it was the first reading, to be honest what with summer hols etc.I just can’t remember :slight_smile:

Fine to leave it as it is, it’ll all come out in the wash I suppose.

Thanks for response

Hi @anthony7996 Great stuff. Yes, your old supplier will bill you to the same reading we started with, so you won’t pay double for any energy. Just let us know if you have any questions :smiley: