Wrongly estimated

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue with bulb? I’m a new customer only a month in, I’ve paid an up front payment before any usage with them, but my main concern is their opening estimated metre readings, despite giving them the metre readings.
They are charging me 972 units of electric which has already been paid through my last supplier, I have sent a copy of my final bill and a photos of the smart metre readings, but they are now refusing to accept the smart metre readings, even though they have just generated their latest bill from the smart metre readings which I uploaded to them only a few days ago, but now I am challenging the discrepancy From the estimated reading, they are now saying they can’t accept the smart metre readings, and I don’t have the keys for the external meter boxes,
It doesn’t alter the fact their starting point is from where my last supplier finished and they don’t seem to understand that.
Any advice please

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