WTF is going off with billing

So I complain about lack of Statments. Send my latest reading.

On checking my account bulb have lost all my electricity readings.
Credited all payments back to my account
Then took all the payment for the year in one on an estimated reading when I supplied readings.

What is going off. I am not a happy customer.

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The account system is totally screwed that’s why their building a new one from scratch that


The only issue being that I think they’ve been ‘building’ it for more than a year now, so I would not hold your breath.

Best bet is to keep calling until one of their staff manage to manually generate the missing statements.

It was in many ways the billing issues which scared me away from Bulb.

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So far been with them a while and this is the first f***up

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TBH I haven’t really had any issues, apart from setting up my account, but I have come to the conclusion that we are the fortunate ones

The “platform” position has been listed on the careers page for so long now! Either they’re employing lots of devs or they can’t find anyone foolish enough to take the job! Doesn’t say what salary they’re offering.

Smart tariff billing still broken as of mid-December 2019 by the way. No progress, at least from the customer perspective. Hopefully something is happening internally …

My assumption is they’re trying to integrate the SMETS2 meters onto the smart tariff, and rather than keep the existing SMETS1 trial system running in the mean time they’ve just turned it off until the new code that handles all smart meters is ready. Purely a guess on my part.

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good as any, apart from that only the Almighty knows and he aint spitting

I think i have made a mistake choosing Bulb i joined two months ago with a projected usage of around £490 annually, i have authorised bulb to take £25 monthly by direct debit no more yet I have just discovered thay have almost empited my bank account taking over £400 this month. WTF!!

And submitting meter readings doesnt work in the bulb account this is a farce think we need to get OFGEM involved

First you must make an OFFICIAL complaint to bulb and give them a chance to resolve it,if it is not resolved to your satisfaction then you can open a resolution case with the OMBUDSMAN, think billing issues are outwith the remit of OFGEM

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Yeah i am going to exercise some mercy but the clock is ticking since the energy price is good but also abusing the direct debit system is very naughty, just a good job i had enough money in bank account to cover this error because its £12 bank fee for each bounced direct debit last time i checked. just managed to upload photos of meter readings in the account portal so fingers crossed somebody in Bulb will be making the required actions pronto. It seems possible the night and day readings have been mixed up and possibly from my old supplier British gas who said they would inform bulb electronically which seems to have initiated the emptying of my bank account in violation of the DD guarantee.

This may seem like a stupid/impertinant question,
Why did you set up a DD for £25pm when your annual estimated usage of £490pa would need a DD of £40 per month approx, this may be part of the probnlem
BTW your readings are not sent from BG to bulb they are sent from bulb to your old supplier via an independant third party verifier


This may be the answer to the previous rant, if he had a similar setup with his old supplier he would have been in debt and perhaps they’ve taken it in one foul swoop. Afterall BG profits fell by £1bn since the price cap was introduced

We could be going back and forth with this discussion. My earlier post was say purely to say that your comment Why did you set up a DD for £25pm when your annual estimated usage of £490pa would need a DD of £40 per month approx was reasonable.

Don’t think so I have made my last post on the subject as a I have completely lost all interest

I think this would all be very much less confusing if everyone actually used the quotation system properly! I struggled to read half of this trying to figure out what was a quote and what was new content.


Silly question how do you retain the quotation, if I press reply it is blank reply page?

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Sheesh, it is obvious once told where to look. Thanks for the info.

I don’t want a smart meter since I’m happy to read my meter every time I get a notification. So, last time I checked there was no problem with the bills. However the small charity that I volunteer for hasn’t been billed since Nov and has a deceptively massive credit. Have had no problems before and got prompt replies to my queries. Before we joined the reviews I checked were overwhelmingly good so I’m guessing that the number of customers has since expanded more quickly than their ability to service them.

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Welcome to the Community.

I think you are 100% correct.

As to the rest of your post I’m a little unclear as to what response you are expecting from Bulb customers on this forum?

I also joined in Nov and haven’t been billed yet. What is going on?