WTF. Really? How is this possible?

Am I the only one or has the price shot up x 3 ? Was roughly paying 93 pm by DD, all fine for was in credit. Last bill for Jan to Feb is over £300 !!! Really !

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To help members of this forum assist with your query can you advise if the statement includes your actual meter readings or any estimated readings?

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It’s the actual meter reading apparently that I gave today ! Am totally in shock. It’s shocking.

Does the statement show estimated against any of the meter readings?

Well I appear to be in for the same. Moved in and switched to bulb with readings of 200-300 per month. From April 2019. Was paying gbp 93 per month so credit is presently 518.

Reading on meter was given by me as 1000 to 2000 over last 9 months. Today the reading was 8050! Now 8058… say 10 kWh hrs a day. Equals 300 a month. How the f*** can I have used 6000 kWh in a month. I smell a rat. What’s your readings like let’s?

Similar to what I asked the OP does your most recent statemente, the one you are complaining about, included any estimate meter readings?

What does 1000 to 2000 mean?

Has it been some time since your last submitted reading or do you submit every month?

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Are you suggesting Bulb have somehow sabotaged your meter in order to scam you out of more money?

I don’t smell any rats. However, it’s not unheard of for a meter to become faulty. There are some simple tests you can do get a rough idea of if your meter is working properly. If it fails those tests then you can get Bulb to install a check meter and subsequently replace the faulty meter.

Alternatively, it’s also possible that something in your property has become faulty and is using more energy. Do you perhaps have a hot water tank with an immersion heater on a timer? If the timer gets stuck on it can use a huge amount of energy. This is unlikely though, since as you say 6 MWh in one month is rather a lot.

If you calm down and work through this methodically rather than jumping at the idea that someone is trying to scam you, then we can work out what’s going on.

The reading is what shows on the meter today and given by me. 3 previous readings from me. Plus some estimates. 1000-2000 means previous readings given by me. House is new build. So we used +/- 1000 since we joined bulb. Now reading is 8050!

We used 10 units today = +/-300 in a month. Why 6,000 in a month? We have clearly been defrauded and bulb needs to tell us how. I also want a smart meter installed this week so we and bulb can monitor. Please note we must be on the vulnerable customer list as I use an oxygen compressor 24 hours a day. Can you confirm this please.

Sounds like your meter is faulty to me. Contact Bulb to discuss.

It’s just fellow customers on this customer forum. None of us can confirm anything. I strongly suggest you phone up Bulb tomorrow morning to discuss your problems.

I also politely suggest you drop the accusations of fraud. A faulty piece of equipment is not fraud. A mistake is not fraud. Calm down.

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Sorry to hear this. If you want people to keep their nose out, best not ask for help on a public forum. You can adjust your monthly direct debit via your Bulb control panel, so if Bulb have increased it to some ridiculous amount based on the incorrect reading or faulty meter, you can change it back down again yourself. I would suggest changing it to the minimum £5 for now, and then just trying to ignore it while Bulb investigates what the problem is. Given it’s quite obviously a mistake I’d just try not to worry about it.