My previous company was charging me about 50 pound amount bulb start to charge me about 95 pound in summer time wtf x


Hi @Mehemd - you can change the amount you pay in your account.

It’s not recommended to go below the recommended amount that Bulb set as you will need to cover your higher winter usage costs, but you are a new customer it’s quite hard to predict your future usage, so Bulb give you the option to change it but will likely review if you go into debit on your account.

Hi @Mehemd , your last bill was indeed a bit high, but this is mostly due to the fact that we have not received your meter readings for quite a while :). At the moment, we are estimating your usage, but as we are in the summer, you are most likely barely using any electricity and gas, but we can’t tell without these actual meter readings.

If you would be able to submit your meter readings, this would update your account and you can see exactly how much you are using on your Bulb account. This also allows you to assess if you would like to change your monthly payments, exactly as @matthew744 noted.

Enjoy your weekend everyone :slight_smile: