Year on year usage

The usage graphs are very useful but I am determined to continue to use less energy. It would be VERY useful if the usage graphs showed the usage for the previous years’ month as well as the current. Other suppliers provide this. It means I can challenge myself to always reduce my KWhs each month compared to the same month last year.
For the months to come the bars would show the estimated consumption (as it does now) and the previous years consumption to aim at beating…

I agree, but I don’t find the usage graphs useful at all. They don’t even show kwhs for me - just £.

I keep my own records. It contains info from before I moved to Bulb, and will continue if I move away.

The monthly statements shows the daily usage for the month and also the usage for the same period 12 months ago. Unfortunately it does not show to any decimal places just whole numbers meaning it isn’t a very accurate usage comparison. Similar to jjimjam I keep my own spreadsheet so have no need for any comparison usage by Bulb.