Yearly consumption

I have been with bulb for one year now and looking to compare the pricess so how do i find out what my yearly usage has been for my gas/electricity?

You should get an ‘Annual Statement’ email a few days after the first anniversary of switching.
Meranwhile, your latest statement should have an annual estimate for gas and electric. eg

About your electricity tariff
Tariff name: Vari-Fair
Payment method: Monthly direct debit
Unit rate: 12.99p/kWh Standing charge: 19.47p/day (£71.07/year)
Dual Fuel discount: £0.00/year per fuel
Estimated annual usage: 2817 kWh
Termination fee: None

For the average user the yearly usage will not affect the kWh / standing charges although it will give a yearly £s figure, what is important is the kWh / standing charges when considering a switch.