Yet another failed SMETS2 install

Since installing from end July, the SMETS2 meter has failed to communicate with Bulb and the IHD has never communicated with the SMETS2 meter, so it is all a waste of time and not delivering the benefits of what Smart meters are supposed to deliver.

I know some of my neighbours SMETS2 meters communicate all fine - so its not a local coverage issue (plus my Solar meter transmits data fine).

The response from Bulb is along the lines of…we’ve remotely rebooted your set-up, its not working and you’ll just need to wait until the network operators/manufacturers work on a solution to fix.

It’s clear this is not a one-off issue, so it is strange that operators are installing SMETS2 meters which clearly don’t work.

Can anyone explain, why an IHD can’t communicate what the meters are reading? I can live with submitting monthly readings, but i really wanted the IHD to show what was going on…

The IHD has to be authorised to connect to the communications hub. If the supplier can’t communicate with the meters, then they have no way to add that authorisation.

Hi @Phytone3d and welcome to our community :bulb:

It looks like your smart meter is commissioned (meaning connected to the smart network) however it looks like your electricity and gas meters have fallen off the HAN (Home Area Network), this is the network that sends readings from the meters to the comms hub which in turn, sends readings for us to bill you to.

This would also be why your IHD is not working. A symptom of this problem would be if your IHD is constantly rebooting. This is because the IHD is in a default setting where it is constantly trying to find the HAN, but because there is no smart usage data on the HAN the IHD doesn’t believe theres no data on the HAN it restarts itself to search again.

By sending a communications reboot we are attempting to reconnect your smart meter to the Home Area Network. This should in turn should
fix the problems you’ve experienced.

Sort of makes sense, but isn’t the IHD paired with the meters on installation?

I dont think it is on the smart network - as I’ve been asked to submit readings… They have never been on the HAN network, so unlikely they would have fallen off…

I’m guessing the IHD isnt constantly rebooting as the time stamp is fairly constant - but saying that I’ve just turned it off, as it is a useless paperweight at the moment.

In the vast majority of cases, yes.

However, sometimes the engineers are not able to do this a the time of the installation so then our smart meter aim to complete this process remotely.

and if they can’t (which is my case), it’s just a matter of tough luck?

No, this is not the case.

In your situation, we’ve started a comms hub reboot which should fix the problem. However, if this for some reason does not work we will continue to see what we can do to get these working for you.

OK - how long do I need to leave it, to see if this attempt works?

A comms hub reboot takes around 1 month to be completed.

OK - see you in a month :slight_smile:

Are you serious that it takes a month!!

Unfortunately comms hub reboots do take this long. This is because there not processed by bulb, but by the DCC. The DCC are the people who own the network the smart meters use, so you go shout at them lol.

Of course, this indirection makes the whole thing very tedious and frustrating as it means Bulb are stuck in the middle between customer and DCC. It’s deeply unsatisfactory.

So, basically for five months of lockdown, when no meters(except emergency swap-outs) were being installed, instead of taking advantage of this opportunity to improve the technology the DCC went into complete hibernation. Beggars belief!!!

I am in the same boat, Smart !!! Meter fitter in 14th August, it has never communicated with the IHD which does connects to Wifi but not the meter, I have to continue with manual meter readings, no wonder the general population don’t want Smart meters.
I have complained to Bulb and get the usual we will add you to the reboot list, with the added comments if you live South of Manchester you will be rebooted in 2 weeks North of Manchester it will be 6 weeks…just an other example of a north south split !!!
Seriously why in the north is it 3 times longer. Someone need to pull a finger out and sort this.

If you live south of manchester the reboots are done by the DCC, if you live north of Manchester they are done by some obscure little pissant company that no-one has heard of.
Talk about singing off the same hymn sheet, they’re not even in the same church.

Hi @blackcapbob

Firstly, a slightly ironic welcome to the Bulb community - I’m sorry your first post was to bring these issues up.

Unfortunately, the length of time these reboots take is totally out of our hands. Smart technology is still in its early days, and the DCC is constantly working to improve on these processes so in future they can be streamlined. For the time being, there is a backlog of these reboots to be actioned, but appreciate this is frustrating to hear as a member of ours.

obscure little pissant company

Hi Skippy64, Any idea who this pissant company is so that we can complain to them.

Smart technology is still in its early days

My God CJ you are making out that you’ve just discovered electricity not a Smart meter that should be able to talk to a IHD no more than 50cms from each other, its not communicating with the dark side of the moon.
I would like to know as a provider of these defective Smart Meters what pressure is Bulb putting on DCC or any other pissant company to get these reboots speeded up.

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