You absolute rip off merchants

I can easily afford any energy charges but as the property is currently empty I’ve made several attempts to setup low monthly payments but you are determined to set up monthly payments based on historic usage (last tenants). I’m not going to pay for electricity I will NEVER use (the property is in the process of being sold). You have just charged me a £15 admin fee. Too be absolutely CLEAR I will NOT be paying the admin fee because YOU have NOT and CAN NOT provide evidence I’m actually in arrears WHICH I AM NOT. Careful who you are dealing with. You want t go down the legal route let’s do it!

Doug, you are unlikely to get a reply from anyone within Bulb here. I was in a similar position (DD set at £100, Daily charges on empty house plus a few lights more like £20) and they changed my DD to £20 when I emailed and made it clear property was empty - after about a 3/4 day delay. Got an email from them to confirm when it was done, account closed later with no issues. Good luck.

Thanks Steve. They wouldn’t change DD without meter readings and I’m 210 miles away! Thankfully after a 25 minute wait I got through to Payments team (0808 164 8282) and Juanita was very helpful. £15 was refunded (it’s automatic charged for EACH missed payment). They were also happy to suspend account for a month pending sale and receive final readings. Landlords take note.
p.s. Dougal is the name of my old westie dog :slight_smile:

Hey @dougalsw19,

I’m glad you were able to get through to a member of our payments support team, but I’m sorry you had these issues in the first place. We are able to lower payments to cover standing charge if a property is vacant.

If the property is still not sold in one month, let me know here and I can make sure everything is set up for this.

All the best,