You could be eligible for extra free services

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The Priority Service Register (PSR) is a free service if someone in your house needs help to manage their energy supply. This could be you, a housemate or a family member. Energy UK estimates that 40-50% of UK households are eligible for the PSR.

Am I eligible?

You’ll be eligible for priority service if any of the following criteria apply to you:

  • You’re aged 60 or over
  • You have a child under 5 years old
  • You have a disability or long-term health problem
  • You’ve experienced a life changing event, like bereavement or job loss
  • You’re reliant on electricity or gas for medical reasons, e.g. you have refrigerated medicine

What are the benefits of being on the PSR?

  • You’ll be notified of any planned power cuts in your area and have your electricity turned back on as a priority. This is particularly important if you rely on electricity for medical reasons.
  • You can choose an engineer codeword to help you feel safer if engineers ever need to visit your home
  • We can send someone round to read your meter every 3 months if you struggle with reading your meter. This will help you to keep your billing up to date.
  • We can send you communications in a few different formats such as braille, in large print or via post.

There’s a full list of the eligibility criteria and benefits on the Ofgem website.

You can sign up to the PSR via your Bulb account.

If anyone has a question about the PSR, please let us know as always :relaxed:

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