You have been using incorrect readings

I was with British Gas until recently. They reversed my day and night electricity reading some time ago. I kept submitting the correct readings, to no avail.
The same issue seems to be happening now with Bulb.
Is there some means by which you can register my correct readings?
FYI, my DAYTIME reading is: 17019
NIGHTTIME reading is: 15229.
THESE ARE THE CORRECT READINGS! Taken just now at 16:40 on 27/09/17.
I am not a robot, just a slightly irritated customer!
Please respond to this email.
You may also wish to check the photo I sent (to show meter number).
Can I send further photos if you don’t believe me?

Hi John,

Thank’s for letting us know! We have a note here that a meter reader came to your home this month and had the registers noted as the other way around. To be able to convince them to change it back we’ll need you to perform a quick test.

Take a note of the readings when you wake up in the morning (after 8am) and again that same evening (before 9pm). We’ll then be able to prove which register moved during the day. This will ensure there’s no confusion about the labelling of the registers!