You keep increasing my bill every month

When I first looked at switching energy suppliers you estimated that our usage each month would be £53. This was in August.

Last month you decided that our usage would have been £75 and this month £85. That is a 60% increase on your initial estimation.

Please can you give me an explanation as to why your estimates have changed drastically, before I switch suppliers again. Switching is not difficult and I’m not reluctant to switch whatsoever. I always will not be reluctant to tell people about this

Hi Leah, thanks for getting in touch. I can see that the two statements you have received from us so far have been generated using estimates, as we didn’t receive any readings from you. These estimates are generated based on a number of factors, including the historical usage at the property. It’s quite possible that these estimates have been to high. If you could provide some up to date meter readings I will be able to update your account and you will be able to see an accurate picture of how much your energy use is costing. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi @Leah, if you do end up switching suppliers again, I’d highly recommend comparing companies’ Tariffs rather than using their estimates. It’s very difficult to guess someone’s usage without actual figures.

Bulb’s Tariffs can be found here: and they are some of the cheapest you will find.

Hi @Leah - I agree with @mowcius! I crunched the numbers on all the Big 6 and major green energy suppliers. Bulb’s tariff is absolutely the cheapest for my home. I use very close to the Ofgem average gas/electricity of UK homes.

@mowcius and @transitioncambridge thanks for your comments! I certainly hope we can get this sorted for you @Leah. Just let us know when you have entered those reads and we will take a look.