"Your account is being closed."

I switched suppliers on 13 December 2020, and there is a banner at the top of my Bulb dashboard that states:

"Your account is being closed.

We’ll send your final bill by 24 January, then refund any credit left on your account within 5 working days, or take a final payment within 14 days."

Obviously 24 January has long since passed, and I’ve been submitting readings and making regular payments to my new supplier since December, but I’ve yet to hear anything at all from Bulb.

Any chance of an update (and, hopefully, a refund)?

Hi @joe.0115 :wave:

Thanks for posting. I am sorry that you haven’t yet received your final bill.

I’ve had a little look into your account, and you haven’t yet received your final bill due to a meter reading issue. I can’t say much more than that via the community, as I don’t want to reveal too much info via a public forum, but I’ll email you shortly so that we can get this fixed.

Sorry about the delay,

Niamh :bulb: