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I’ve seen some of your advertising on the London underground, and also received my green impact report. Can you tell me how you calculate the carbon savings made by myself, and the efforts of bulb customers combined? Thank you.

Hey @flippytoetap - great question. We spoke about it on our blog at the beginning of the year - here’s the link from then the total membership numbers are out of date now, but the sums and reasoning are all in the ‘Calculating Impact’ Section.

Happy Reading - but let us know if you have any more questions let us know.

Bit of a cynical question that needs to be asked as I’ve seen a competing supplier warning against others who are essentially greenwashing by buying up renewable origin certificates cheap on the second hand market (?!) in order to pretend that their fossil-produced units are actually renewable … can all of the certs you hold be traced back to particular suppliers, to check there is a genuine 1:1 correlation between units supplied to customers and renewable units generated?

I mean, I’m not sure how it couldn’t be the case (if they’re all OFGEM regulated, and metered in the usual way, how would you be able to claim you’d generated more units than you had and so acquire a falsely inflated number of certificates to sell … and if you’ve bought one then sold it on afterwards, surely you don’t have it any more and can’t genuinely claim that you’re still providing that chunk of clean energy? very confusing), and they may well have just been bullshitting themselves, but it does strike me that all the named power generators on the source page couldn’t possibly account for the consumption of all customers unless you’ve only got a few thousand so far. And there’s no hard kilowatt-hour numbers anywhere. What’s the split like in terms of direct purchase vs open-market certificates?

(For that matter, some of those producers are a little confusing, namely the biogas ones; are they strictly biomethane-into-the-grid-pipes, or where a kilowatt/megawatt figure is given does that represent some or all of that gas being used to generate clean electricity? Particularly there’s one mentioned as using a carbon capture scheme even though it otherwise looks like they’re straight gas suppliers…)