Your bills are wrong and you're ignoring my emails so let's do it in public

Bulb is sending me bills that are wrong and ignoring me. What do I do?

For the last year or so I’ve been paying Bulb £65 every month on the 10th (recently increased). They did not credit the payments made in November or December, although the ones before and since have been correct. I’ve sent them numerous printouts showing that the money left my account for theirs, just like all the others.

On the 7th January I received an email saying “I have attached your latest statement on this Email. I can confirm, that your account is up to date… YOu will notice that we’ve not received payment for the past 3 periods, and would urge a settlement on the debt as soon possible.” 3 periods are mentioned, the two not credited plus the January one which was credited 3 days later.

I replied and apart from a ‘what are you going on about?’ email from someone else, that’s all I’ve been told. I’ve not had a reply since January 25 and have sent 9 emails to them. As I write this the online statement shows me owing £112 when in fact I’m about £18 in credit.

This all comes on the back of a long running dispute about a credit note I wasn’t sent last August, and a whole bunch of preposterous lies about why not, but that was eventually resolved.

I want an accurate bill and an apology for being accused of being in debt and not paying my bills.

So, what are Bulb going to do about my £130?

What does the community suggest I do next?

Luke at Bulb has been on here today and replied to someone else a few minutes ago. Why has no-one from Bulb replied to me?

Why are my bills wrong? Why are my emails being ignored?

Hi @corvus :wave:

As you have a complaint open currently with our senior complaints team, I am speaking with the team to ask that someone take over your case and provide a detailed response to your query via email. The member of the team you were dealing with previously is no longer working at Bulb, which is why our response has been delayed, however I appreciate this is not your fault and should not affect our level of service, so I do apologise for that.

We do want to make sure this is resolved for you as quickly as possible, however we want to look into this case thoroughly to make sure we give a correct explanation and solution. As soon as we can, a member of our complaints team will be in touch with you via email. Apologies again for the delay.

-Luke :bulb:

One person leaves so I’m ignored in private for two months and skipped past in public until I start getting cross? Right.

As quickly as possible? This has been going on since November. Or August. Or perhaps last February when customer ‘service’ (ha!) staff started expecting me to swallow drivel like “Please note that payment made via bank transfer takes a few weeks to reflect on our side.” I have been fed made up, misleading and untruthful statements over and again and I’m thoroughly sick of it.

I expect an answer from senior management and I expect it very soon. And I reserve the right to come back here and share what has happened and my views with this group as well as taking them to MSE, You & Yours or anywhere else I choose, so I suggest the answer had better include an accurate, honest statement which does not try to diddle me out of a hundred and thirty quid. As well as a huge grovelling apology.

I hope that’s clear.

A huge grovelling apology - listen to yourself. No wonder your emails aren’t being replied to if this is the way you are speaking to people!

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Well said!! And as a post must be at least 20 characters long, I’ll say 'well said" again!!

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