Your Pay as You Go queries

When you’re switching on Pay as You Go (also known as top-up or Prepay), there are a few things that are helpful to know, based on some of the most common queries we see in the Bulb community. These can range from which key to use, to where your credit goes when you complete your switch to a new supplier.

This thread is just for our members who top up with an electricity key and gas card, but don’t worry, we’ll have a Smart Pay as You Go thread coming very soon!

We’ll send you a new Bulb key and card

When you switch to Bulb, we’ll send out a shiny new Bulb Pay as You Go electricity key and gas card (if you also have gas). These switches take 21 days, just like normal, and once we have taken over as your supplier, you’ll be able to use your Bulb key and card.

We send out your key and card so that they should arrive on or around the day that you switch to Bulb. In the meantime, you can continue to use your old supplier’s key and card to top up as normal. Even if the card and key do arrive ahead of your switch date, we don’t recommend using them yet, as it can cause issues with the meter.

Run down the credit on your electricity meter

You should run down the credit on your electricity first, before you insert your new key into your meter. This is because inserting a new key into the meter will (in most circumstances) reset the meter. This means that if you have credit on the meter, this will be wiped and we can’t get this back.

Keep hold of your old gas card

Do keep hold of your old supplier’s gas card, just in case you lose your Bulb card and still need to top up before we can get a new one sent out to you.

For gas, you can insert the card into the meter, without losing any credit on there, but we still recommend waiting until after your supply has switched to us to use your new card.

Pair your key and card with your meter

When you do use your Bulb key and card for the first time, you should insert the key and card into each meter for 60 seconds to pair them and then top up as you would do normally at any PayPoint or PayZone. You can read more about using your Bulb key and card for the first time in our help article.

Let us know if your key or card don’t arrive

Occasionally, keys and cards can arrive a little after your switch date, but you’re fine to keep using your old supplier’s ones in the meantime as they will still work. However, if for whatever reason they haven’t arrived by a few days after your switch date, let us know and we can look into the situation for you.

We can help you with key or card errors

On rare occasions, your meter can show up an error when you put your new Bulb key or card in. These errors can show up for a range of reasons but they’re usually easily fixed. All you’ll need to do is get in touch with us with a picture of your key or card in the meter, showing the error code, so we can let you know how we can get this fixed.

For electricity key issues, we can issue you with a TAG code that you can collect from any PayPoint or PayZone and for gas card issues, we can send you a new card in the post.

Don’t worry if you lose or break your key and card

It happens to the best of us, so don’t worry - we can send out new keys and cards to you in the post, which typically take between 2 and 5 days to arrive. This is why we recommend keeping your old supplier’s card, just in case you need to top up in the meantime.

Also, if it’s an emergency (such as if you’ve run out of electricity or gas and don’t have a key or card to top up your meter with), get in touch with us as urgently as you can, so that we can get this sorted for you. We can send you out a replacement card, or generate you a TAG code to collect a replacement key from a shop.

Your supplier gets the credit from your top-ups

Whoever is your supplier gets the money from your top-ups, regardless of which key or card you’re using. This means that even if you’re still using your old supplier’s key or card after you’ve switched, Bulb will still receive the money for these top-ups, as we will be your supplier.

Even if you’re still using your old supplier’s key or card, you’ll need to contact us if you need any help. It’s always best to use your Bulb key and card if you do have it, as this will ensure that you’re always on the correct Bulb tariff.

As always, if you have any questions or queries about anything Pay as You Go-related, let us know.

All the best,

Lou :stars:

Unless your switching from BG, for whatever reason their keys will NOT accept a tag code

I’ve tried getting in touch about an emergency loss of gas card and you’re closed :tired_face: I honestly don’t know what to do at this point., or phone 0300 30 30 635, should put you through to someone

Hi @Ckh

I hope you’ve been able to get a replacement gas card by now. Bulb Community isn’t the best place for emergency issues, if you need to call out of hours you’ll be redirected to the emergency line from 0300 30 30 635