Your website is appalling

Your website is an absolute NIGHTMARE.

How so?

Are you being directed straight to the community? If this is the case it’s a common issue, usually solved by emailing bulb directly at

The website for managing your account is seamless once you get there.

Exactly why is it appalling?

Is that you Charles?

Do you really want to know? My husband died on October 28th and I have been trying to change the name of the account holder from his name to mine. Apparently I have to say that he is moving out of this house, and I am moving in. Having agreed to this ridiculous request, I am now asked to set up a direct debit in my name. When I try to do this, I am repeatedly sent to the ‘community’ page. If less money was spent on colourful dancing gizmos on this website and a bit more on properly answering simple questions - individually - customers might be less frustrated. This cannot be the first time a customer has needed to do this. Trying to navigate round this website is like being sucked into the seven circles of hell.

I’m terrible sorry to hear about your loss.

Purely advising as a fellow Bulb customer the process to be followed in your situation is explained in this document


Well I went to that item and have posted the death certificate to Spitalfields as they asked, and then subsequently had the advice about saying he’s moving out and I’m moving in etc, plus sending a meter reading. I’m just completely stalled at the point of trying to set up a direct debit - but thanks for trying to help. Maybe the existing direct debit will stand, but that seems unlikely.

I have flagged your post and hopefully a Bulb employee will deal with it pronto.


Thank you - that’s really kind.

Hi @posemike,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’m really sorry to hear about your loss. We know that this can be a difficult time and we want to apologise that this process hasn’t been as simple as it should have been.

In our standard procedure, Bulb do all of the work involved in setting up the new account for you, all we ask is that you initially send over a copy of the death certificate. This hasn’t happened in your case, and so I’ve just dropped you an email on how we’re going to amend this.

Please let me know if you have any queries about this.

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Hi, i have to agree. I’ve been looking for a contact us link but there isn’t one! I’ve had to go through other links and help etc and have now had to create login details to get this far and the first post i come across is this!

From the main website, click “Help” at the top.

That takes you to the help section.

Scroll down and there is a contact us button. The contact pages provides a web form, and lists three contact methods - phone, email, and live chat. No login required - that’s just for the community forum.

It could be made more obvious for sure, via putting the contact link in the header right at the top, but I would say it’s not exactly hidden. They just try to encourage you to read the help articles first, which to be fair does solve a lot of common queries. So many people post on here without first clicking “help”, only to be given a link to the relevant help article. Why people don’t do their own research rather than waiting for someone to reply on here is beyond me.

If you are already a Bulb customer, do you have a Bulb statement?

i totally agree. and i dont believe you are the cheapest around now, always harrassing me with wanting to change my tariff

Without giving any personal details, what do you mean Bulb wanting to change your tariff?

What tariff are you on and what tariff do they want you to change to?

Bulb have a single tariff. Not sure what you’re suggesting they are changing you from or to

In addition to the other comments above regarding Bulb having only one tariff, meaning they can’t be harassing you to change tariff, I don’t believe Bulb have ever claimed to be the cheapest around.