You're doing well,all good but bin the triffid ads!

Hi Bulb,thanks for being a consistant green and good price energy provider.I looked at swapping recently but your prices are still competative,shell energy were cheaper by a couple of quid a year but not worth changing for.There seems to be a lot of mis understanding about pricing and paying in advance on the forum but i’m finding you fair and transparent.The only issue was when my smart meter lost contact with the ‘mother ship’ bbut after you turned it off and on again(!) it connected fine.So great service,keep it up,no more daft triffid tv ads! Cheers, Pete.

So according to you all these other customers are just making up problems.
BTW, that is not your “smart meter” would have been your in home display unit(IHD)
Actually I think the triffad/unicorn ads are most appropiate as bulb live in a land of make believe

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wow! making up are your words you supercilious troll

Never trolled in my life, always been a fly fisherman

but you are supercilious lol

Hi @peteroberts885i

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the community page.

We are glad that you have been happy with our service, we try and be as transparent as we can and are working on new smart technology all the time.

I do have to say I think our adverts are quite fun, but then I could be biased! :unicorn: :tada:


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Also the biggest winder upper on this forum, bar none, lol